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  • イーサリアムノード(geth)の1.9.2 での変更点

イーサリアムノード(geth)の1.9.2 での変更点

geth 1.9.0 と 1.9.2 での変更点をリリースノートをもとに記載。マイナーバージョンのリリースとなるため大きな変更はなく、新しい機能、バグ修正およびパフォーマンスの改善が主なものとなる。




Features added(追加された機能)
Rework client tracking for light servers to better prioritize requests, making it fairer for everyone
Avoid retrieving full blocks for GraphQL queries on light clients if the query relies on headers
Support closing a simulated backends, avoiding a goroutine leak during log running tests
Support eth_call overriding chain state before execution, see API docs for details
Replace all user facing passphrase labels with password to avoid confusion
Bugs fixed(修正されたバグ)
Fix an RPC annoyance where inclusion info for pending transactions was 0, not null
Fix an RPC regression from v1.9.1 where the block size was not hex encoded
Fix the builder to extract commit hashes from detached git branches too
Fix storage trie value encoding when running geth dump
Fix console output coloring for Clef on Windows
Istanbul changes (progress tracker)
(次期ネットワークアップデート:Istanbul での変更、進捗管理)
Refactor the internal chain configuration to allow enabling EIPs individually in tests
Implement EIP-1884: Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes
Implement EIP-1108: Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs
Implement EIP-1344: ChainID opcode


Add eth_getHeaderByNumber and eth_getHeaderByHash to get headers without bodies
Update the go-ethereum list of authors to July 22nd state, bringing up the count to 367
Switch out the websocket library, adding support for pings and continuation frames
Implement a 1/288th grace period for the faucet to avoid request drift (5m for 24h)
Add debug_accountRange to query all or part of the accounts at a given root
Fix a crash in the transaction pool caused by the 1.9.0 internal rework
Fix a crash in geth dumpconfig caused by the release oracle fields
Fix the reported derivation paths of hardware wallet accounts in Clef
Fix geth –dev thinking it’s mainnet and requesting 4GB memory
Fix debug_chaindbProperty, which returns an internal error
Fix build script on OpenBSD